Top best hotels in Paris

August 20, 2008


No matter what you like, there exist a Paris hotel that you will adore. There are 4 main categories, so you can choose one according to your taste or mood.
The very first thing that Paris can do best of all is CHIC. So you should not better enter the hotel in a pair of trainers and a backpack. Nobody will tell you anything about the way you look, but the only glance of the receptionist will be enough to dispatch you. All the hotels are really elegant and the employees look beautiful and smart.
There are hotels in a traditional French character  plenty of them. Some of them are really old, some are refreshed and the others are just brand-new. They have  crooked floors, old beams, breakfast rooms in stone-walled cellars, nostalgic decoration. You just have to know which of them are well-run and which have already lived their days.

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